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New Mbuna setup
« on: January 21, 2019, 02:41:51 PM »
Hi There,

I recently moved to a new house and have setup a new Aquarium, approximately 400+ liters with a sump of 100+ liters so a total volume of around 550 liters (145 gal). I've got some experience with the common fish in the hobby but this is the first time I'm setting up an African Cichlid aquarium. I'm interested in the Mbuna's and did some research in there behaviour and living environments. But research kan only bring you so far. I've already stacked some rock (200kg) in the aquarium with lots of caves and hiding area for the fish.

I already picked some fish I would like to keep and from what I've learned they should be compatible with each other, am I right?
  • Cynotilapia Afra Jalo or Cynotilapia Afra Gallireya Reef
  • Pseudotropheus Flavus
  • Melanochromis sp Maingano Cyaneorhabdos
  • Labidochromis Chisumulae
  • Synodontis Multipunctatu - Birth control

I would like to know what the best ratio (m/f) is for these fish, I've read mixed comments about this varying from 1m/2f to 1m/4f. Also I would like to know if it's possible to keep multiple males of each species. I can order the fish directly from the supplier and I'm not sure in what quantities I should buy them. I could ask for the right male to female ratio if they can be sexed but I'm not sure at what size they can? At first I was thinking to just buy 10 of each to be sure I ended up with te correct ratio ( after DOA's etc).

I was told that the Synodontis Multipunctatu would help with birth control but how far will this go? Will this eliminate all possible breeding activity or will this just prevent the majority and let some fish breed? How often do Mbuna breed actually?

And how will they prevent breeding? From what I read they will eat the eggs of the Mbuna and lay their own in the same spot. The female Mbuna will breed them in their mouth like/with their own. The eggs of the Synodontis Multipunctatu will come out a couple of days/weeks earlier and eat the remaining Mbuna eggs/new borns. Will the Synodontis Multipunctatu do this every time a female Mbuna spawns their eggs? And if they do won't there be an overstock in Synodontis Multipunctatu as there isn't a "natural predator"?

This post is way longer then I was hoping for but I would rater be over informed than a recipe to disaster.
Thanks in advanced,
- Stefan

PS. Sorry for my bad English, not a native speaker/writer.