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Author Topic: With all the other LED light strip questions/threads I hate to ask but.......  (Read 213 times)

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Hey gang

I know there are tons of threads and topics about this already but... I dont know a darn thing about lights
There is too much verbage on lumens and watts etc..... (makes my head spin)

I am looking for an led strip that will not only show off my fish but promote algae growth as well.

I was looking into planted tank lighting but I know that algae and plants tend to thrive at different spectrums.
As I am not really into plant growth (when it comes to traditionally planted tanks) can anyone recommend a strip that is fully customizable and adjustable/programmable that what suit my purpose?

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pretty sure your idea to buy planted tank lighting will work. I don't have led grow lights rather t5 grow bulbs and both purple and green algae is growing well. Should be a similar spectrum with the LED's and much more cost effective.
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Check out the current satellite plus leds or fluval sky leds. both descent affordable options
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I picked up a Fluval Plant/Freshwater spectrum LED fixture after my Current LED unit quit on me. Honestly I've never had the algae growth with the Current that this Fluval is giving me. This new model has some good features too. Presets so you can plug and play. Or set up the lighting schedule you prefer and each spectrum individually. All with your phone. Pretty sweet and not for an arm and a leg either ;)
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