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Author Topic: adding babies eases aggression?  (Read 292 times)

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adding babies eases aggression?
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:27:38 PM »
So recently my tank has become pretty crazy most of my fish have reached adult size I had to remove my 6 inch bumblebee because it was a battle royal every day with my dominant 5 1/2 inch Red Zebra. I thought that would help and it did for a few days but then aggression picked back up the male Red Top Zebra came out of hiding and challenges the Red Zebra and my Socolofi and Maingano fight for breeding grounds.  My Kenyi bred but I came home the next day and the female was beat up so bad that she didn't make it even after moving her to a hospital tank.  :no: I had about 30 two inch Red Zebra babies around 2 inches in a 20 gallon grow out and 60 more in other grow out tanks so I decided to put 9 of the little guys in the main tank. I watched cautiously as I really didn't know what to expect as they were so small I thought maybe they might become lunch.  Nope to my surprise they didn't, in fact the adult fish just seemed curious of them they checked them out for a few minutes then paid them no mind. Here is the weird part since adding the babies the aggression in the tank is all but gone for the time being. The babies have some how calmed down the adults I don't know why but it was a pleasant surprise.       
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