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Title: Tank Hierarchy
Post by: cscott1 on February 23, 2017, 03:25:41 PM
Ok out of curiosity and mostly because I'm bored I thought it would be interesting to see how different fish rank in other folks tanks. Mine is as follows.

1. (Tank Boss) 4" Male Red Zebra
2. 3" Male greshakei
3. 3.5" Female Kenyi
4. 3.5' Female Maingano
5. 3" Male Maingano
6. 2.75" Male Snow white Socolofi 
7. 2.75" Male Yellow Lab
8. 3.5" mean ass crayfish lol
All the rest don't really have any clout they defend themselves and try to stay out of the way.
Title: Re: Tank Hierarchy
Post by: Fishboy on February 23, 2017, 06:45:13 PM
1. 6' Borleyi
2. 6.5' red empress
3. 5' sun shine Peacock
After that it's a bit hard to pick, but between red Rubin and strawberry Peacock for #4 and #5. The rest are happily staying out of trouble.
Title: Re: Tank Hierarchy
Post by: Kingston1 on February 23, 2017, 07:37:48 PM
Was my Met. Membe Deep, but he now spends his day jostling with the sub male.
My Male Hara has taken over the spot of tank boss.
None of the Red Zebras care (so far) who is boss.   

I would remove the Membe Deep sub male, but IMO, he looks better then the dominate male. 

Biggest fish--Membe Deep and Zebra are both about 4".  Then the Hara at about 3.75", just slightly smaller.   The Perlmutts just are not aggressive enough to get more food, so he is only about 3".  Much smaller then the other fishes.   
Title: Re: Tank Hierarchy
Post by: JohnsPeacocks on February 23, 2017, 08:33:05 PM
Since I removed an OB about a month ago there is no clear cut boss. Constant skirmishes between the Sulfur Head, German Red, and Sunshine.  Prime tank spaces keep changing. I like it this way....
Title: Re: Tank Hierarchy
Post by: cscott1 on July 14, 2017, 05:11:30 PM
Things have changed up a bit in the last 6 months. I added a trio of bumblebees moved my yellow labs to their own tank and got rid of a few fish. My boss is still the now 5 inch Red Zebra but my 4 inch greshakei is a close second he's actually the enforcer of the tank keeps everyone to their designated areas and only leaves the the tank boss alone. The next in line is probably my male bumblebee he is the same size as my 5 in tank boss red zebra if not a lil bigger he occupies open water on the left side of my tank I'm keeping an eye on him I imagine it won't be long until he challenges for more territory and rank. My lighting quick male  4 in maingano don't take shit from the female any more he pretty much goes where he likes in the tank as long as he stays out of the way of the greshakei. My 4 in male albino socolofi owns a cave  at the bottom of the tank and it's his and his alone he only let's the females come in when they are ready to breed. My poor male 4 inch kenyi wants to be a bad ass so bad but he doesn't have the size to muscle his way to the top or the speed to land the most punches so he is stuck being the big fish that sulks in the corner just waiting for his opportunity. As far as the females go the red zebra girls are a fat 4 inches they are permitted to swim freely if anyone messes with them the tank boss male quickly comes to their aid. All the other females are stuck to small caves or a behind the filter or wherever they can find a hiding spot. The dynamics and personalities of our lil finned friends really is amazing.

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Title: Re: Tank Hierarchy
Post by: Bandicoot on July 14, 2017, 11:20:36 PM
my tank is pretty straight forward.
1. my two males seem to be equally matched. (co rulers)
2. my dominant female that has taken on characteristics of the males.
3. who knows, the others just seem to randomly chase and bluff each other.
Title: Re: Tank Hierarchy
Post by: chopstick_mike on July 15, 2017, 04:30:34 AM
Mine is the biggest male frontie however whenever my j.regani spawn they can be quite aggressive but just on pure size I think the alpha wins it